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Heritage Tree Care's ISA certified arborists provide a variety of consulting services including view planning, hazard prevention, pre and post construction planning, tree health assessment and maintenance.  Whatever your need, we are happy to assist you.

Contact us with questions or to schedule an on-site assessment.

View Planning

In a beautiful place like Vermont, trees don't have to obstruct your view. With proper management, they can remain part of the landscape while framing a breathtaking vista.  Heritage Tree Care avoids the outmoded practice of "topping" which involves making a large and unsightly cut in the main trunk of a tree. Instead, we create or expand lines of sight with a careful plan - often involving pruning and select removal. We aim to preserve the natural form and beauty of your trees, as well as to enhance your unique view.

Hazard Assessment

Heritage Tree Care assesses a variety of tree issues such as storm damage, lightning strike, presence of decay and/or fungi, leaning trees or other questionable situations. We review your trees, listen to your concerns, and recommend the best course of action. If a tree poses no threat, we'll put your mind at ease; if it presents a hazard, we'll tell you why and explain your options.

Pre & Post Construction Consulting

As with most things, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  We are happy to help you plan properly to ensure good health for your trees throughout a construction project or after the fact.  It's best to do it beforehand whenever possible.

Plant Health Care

Conditions that trees and other plants are subject to in an urban environment are often far different than their ideal habitats.  Heritage Tree Care specializes in plant health care.  We provide a host of plant health services including education, assessment, curing and monitoring. Contact us today for all of your plant health care needs.


Heritage Tree Care can assist you with all forms of tree and shrub concerns and maintenance.  Whether it's hazard prevention or big picture aesthetic planning, we will be happy to assist.

Storm Damage Prevention

Storm damage prevention can involve identifying and mitigating obvious hazards or performing structural pruning with the risk of ice/snow loading in mind.

Tree & Shrub Selection

Knowing which trees and shrubs grow best in which conditions is not always easy. Contact us to help you choose the optimal plantings for your property.

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