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At Heritage Tree Care in Essex, Vermont, we care about providing our customers with top quality, customized service. 

Heritage can help you establish and maintain healthy trees, shrubs and landscapes with our expert health care assessment, treatment and monitoring services.

Contact us with questions or to schedule an on-site assessment.


Soil Testing & Management

Soil quality affects a tree’s growth more than any other factor. Taking care of the soil will allow every plant, herb, and shrub on your property to thrive. Our arborists can evaluate your soil density, alkalinity, aeration and nutrient makeup, to determine which trees and plants would best grow in your yard or how to make the soil more hospitable for your current plants.


Gypsy Moths

Originally from Eurasia, the Gypsy Moth caterpillar poses a significant threat to Vermont forests because of its voracious appetite for more than 300 species of trees and shrubs. Heritage Tree Care specializes in low-environmental-impact, highly-effective ways to eradicate the Gypsy Moth from your trees.



Ideally, growing trees and plants should be fertilized throughout the year but frequency and type of fertilizer can vary by species and age. Trust the experts at Heritage to devise the best fertilization plan for maintaining and optimizing the health of your Vermont trees and plants.


Root Health Care

Good tree and plant root health is paramount to having a vibrant landscape and plants that last a lifetime. Heritage Tree Care specializes in root health assessment and protocols that will help ensure that your plants thrive through the years.


Disease Treatment

Any sign of a disease can make a homeowner panic, particularly if it affects a favorite tree or plant. In many cases, disease is a symptom of a deeper or structural issue. Heritage Tree Care will evaluate your trees and shrubs to identify the weakened areas and recommend the best short-term and long-term care as well as ongoing maintenance to ensure longevity.


Insect Treatment

Insects and mites are two of the most common causes of stress and decline in landscape plants and trees, and are able to cause death in as little as one season. Heritage Tree Care can help you by identifying the pests involved and recommending the best control options. Our tree insect control services use EPA registered products and cutting edge methods.


Plant Health Assessment

Plants such as trees and shrubs will live a long, healthy life with minimal human assistance - but they can need help from time-to-time. Insects, fungi, and diseases can all compromise plant health. We specialize in monitoring and assessing plants to keep them free from health issues.


Systematic Injections

Systemic injections put pesticides directly into the body of the tree and spread protection from within. This minimizes the possibility that the pesticides you apply get dispersed by elements like the weather or go where they are not wanted. After an initial assessment, Heritage will devise a plan of action that is best for your situation and needs.


Organic Treatments

We always prefer to treat plant health issues naturally when possible. Harsh chemicals and pesticides are not always the best or safest ways to solve plant health care issues. Heritage Tree Care's plant health experts will assess your problem and propose the best options for your budget and the environment.


Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer is a jewel beetle that is native to Asia and is currently wreaking havoc on Ash trees in Vermont. Heritage Tree Care specializes in low-environmental-impact, highly-effective ways to eradicate the Emerald Ash Borer from your Ash trees.

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