At Heritage Tree Care in Essex, Vermont, we care about providing our customers with top quality, customized service. 

Heritage can help you establish and maintain an attractive landscape with a properly timed plan that addresses your aesthetic, health and winter protection needs.

Contact us with questions or to schedule an on-site assessment.

Landscape Planting

The first step in successful shrub planting is to choose the right species for your location and purpose. Whether you wish to create a hedge, a privacy screen, or simply enhance the beauty of your property, Heritage Tree Care will take the time to fully understand your vision, explain what can and cannot be done and why, and create a plan for you that achieves your goals within your budget.

Ornamental Pruning

There are as many ways to prune shrubs INCORRECTLY as the day is long!

Shrub pruning is a skill as well as an art.  At Heritage Tree Care, we know the various techniques and tricks that will help your landscape look the best it possibly can.  And if you'd like to learn how to prune yourself, we can arrange that, too.

Shrub Removal

Everything has a life span, and your shrubs are no exception.  Heritage Tree Care can advise when dramatic pruning is an option, and also when it makes sense to remove and replace.

Hedge Work

Arborvitae hedge?  Native white cedar?  Privet?  Tall, short?  Round, square?  Heritage Tree Care can advise and help you maintain it.

Shrub Health Assessment

Like trees, many shrubs and ornamental plantings will live a long, healthy life with minimal human assistance- but they can be fussier than their larger cousins.  Insects, fungi, and diseases can all compromise shrub health. Especially when caught early, your plantings can be kept strong and healthy.

Suitability Assessment

Site assessment is critical and a customer's personality is important, too- do you like evergreens?  Love pink?  Need something to eat in your yard?  At Heritage Tree Care, we enjoy getting to know you and your preferences- and helping you to plan a landscape that will bring you joy for years to come.

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